Tobias Wiedmer

Tobias Wiedmer was born in 1983 in the small German city Radebeul. After studying Media Technology in the even smaller city Mittweida he gravitated towards the big city Berlin, where he did research and development in the postproduction process Digital Intermediate. He finally wrote his Diploma about color management in the di-process of printing on film. …… Next to his love to photography and his freelance jobs as DP, the being in the grading suite let him discover something that would change his whole life -color grading-. Learning all the secret tricks from his mentor, senior colourist Ufuk Genc, he quickly was hired to colorgrade Germanys high value motion pictures, working as Lead Colourist and Colour Scientist at Cine Chromatix.

With the rise of high dynamic range (HDR) color grading, he realized that there is a huge advantage in having a fundamental knowledge about colour science. Starting with calibration and creating LUTs, he moved on to writing his own colour managed environment as well as colour tools, using math and shaders, mainly with the focus on natural grading, having the function of the human perception in consideration. In terms of HDR he was one of the first in Germany, who gave workshops, mainly for directors of photography (dop) and is engaged in the HDR workgroup of the BVK (association of cinematographers Germany) as well as in the CSI (colorist society international).  In this function he gives advices to other creatives, working together in a small group of dops and colourists.